Hetta – Pallas Hike
2.10 – 6.10.2020

Hetta – Pallas Hiking trail is a must do for anyone interested in arctic hikes. The famous trail is located in far north of Lapland, in municipals of Enontekiö and Muonio. The 55km trail takes you from the village of Hetta through the national park of Ylläs-Pallas all the way to Pallas. 

The trail has a cult reputation in Finland and most of the Finns who takes hiking more seriously has done it at least once. Scenery wise the trail is among the most beautiful ones in Finland. The trek follows the line of fells and gives fantastic views to the surroundings. The landscape gives a lot of variation from marsh to forrest to fells and the diverse nature of Lapland keeps you fascinated. 

With a bit of luck its possible to see rare birds or animals, or natural phenomenons like Aurora Borealis. 




The hiking trail is 55km and starts from Hetta and goes to Pallas. 

Maximum group size is 6 persons

The hike is moderate easy and can be doable with regular level of fittnes. The person attending the tour must be able to hike max 15km a day with a backpack on uneven terrain.

The hike will take 5 days. The hiking distances may vary.

Rough plan:

Day 1: From Hetta to Pyhäkero 5-7km 
Day 2: Pyhäkero to Tappuri 10-12km
Day 3: Tappuri Sioskuru 13-15km
Day 4: Sioskuru Rihmakuru 10-13km
Day 5: Rihmakuru Pallas 8-12km


Professional guiding, sleeping gear (tents, sleeping bags and matresses), cooking kit.



All our trips are carefully planned with safety as number one priority. Your guide is outdoor professional and has first aid training for wilderness situations.

We always have a full safety plan with evacuation points for emergencies. Your guide has a satellite phone, in case its needed to contacts the emergency center.


Scheduled tour 2.10-6.10.2020 
PRICE: 545€ / person

Custom tours

Starting from 745€
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Booking terms 

For booking we will need following information via email: 
1. Name
2. Email address
3. Phone number
4. Name and date of the tour
5. Amount of people